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According to V. Kelly Turner and David Eisenman, heat-relief efforts must be priority

Publication: CalMatters

UCLA Expert: V. Kelly Turner: Assistant Professor, Urban Planning; Assistant Professor, Geography; Co-Director, Luskin Center for Innovation; Associate Director of Urban Environment Research, Luskin Center for Innovation; Member, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

David Eisenman: David Eisenman: Professor-in-Residence, Department of Community Health Sciences, Fielding School of Public Health; Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine; Director, Center for Public Health and Disasters; Deputy Director for Community Partnerships, Center for Healthy Climate Solutions

Synopsis: This summer’s record-setting temperatures represent an alarming long-term trend: Heat waves are growing longer, more severe and frequent because of climate change.

UCLA News: “We build and run cities — where 95% of Californians live — in ways that make urban temperatures higher and more dangerous,” Turner and Eisenman wrote. “Extreme heat is the deadliest weather-related phenomenon Californians face. And it’s getting worse.”

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