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UCLA participates in event centered on uniting wildfire, drought and climate change expertise across the state (video included)

California had its worst wildfire season on record in 2020 — enduring seven of the 20 largest wildfires in state history and suffering more than $16 billion in property damage. This dire reality is spurring an unprecedented response in academia, government and the private sector, as outlined in a special webinar hosted by UC Center Sacramento entitled “Do we have the science, tools and policies needed to predict wildfire and its impacts in California?”

UCLA releases Report on University-Led Grand Challenges

On February 13, 2018, UCLA released a Report on University-Led Grand Challenges. The report documents how nearly 20 universities are leading Grand Challenge programs that are rallying research communities to contribute to solving a major societal challenge; attracting new investment and resources; demonstrating value of university research; and engaging students, partners, the broader community, and the public.

UCLA recently launched a Community of Practice for universities currently leading or exploring leading Grand Challenge efforts

Universities embarking on Grand Challenge efforts are traversing new terrain—they are making commitments about research deliverables rather than simply committing to invest in efforts related to a particular subject matter. As the first university to develop a campus-wide SMART goal-oriented Grand Challenge program, UCLA is the natural choice to serve as the convener of the community.