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UCLA State of the Commute report highlights progress on sus

UCLA Commute

UCLA’s latest State of the Commute report, published annually by UCLA Transportation, reviews efforts to provide the best access and mobility options for UCLA’s 85,000 students, staff and faculty. While the two previous reports focused on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new report is more forward-thinking and delves deeper into sustainable transportation.

The report cites three major developments from the past year that are creating a brighter future for Bruins — a significant increase in the usage of electric vehicle usage, the expansion of student housing and the resulting decrease in student commuters, and the ongoing positive effects of hybrid work schedules for many employees. These developments are not only contributing to sustainability goals but also helping support better work-life balance for much of the campus community.

The report also looks ahead to future transportation developments, including the opening of a new subway extension, the campus’s hosting the athlete village for the 2028 Olympic Games and, further ahead, the prospect of a subway or monorail line that will run from the San Fernando Valley to Westwood Village.

Learn more about the recent report at UCLA Newsroom.


Image Source: UCLA Administration