UCLA researchers show high-risk fire days could double by 2100

Publication: Daily Breeze

UCLA Expert: UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA Department of Geography 

Synopsis: Daily Breeze reported on new UCLA research which showed that the number of high-risk fire days could double by 2100, as well as debriefing what can and cannot be done to combat this trend. 

UCLA News: “According to the study, if the average temperature in Southern California increases by nearly 9 degrees by 2100 — a likely scenario absent a major reduction in greenhouse gas emissions — the region’s annual number of high-fire-risk days would nearly double to 58 per year. Even assuming a more conservative temperature rise of 5.4 degrees — which could occur with aggressive measures to address climate change — the annual number of high-risk fire days would still jump by about 60% by 2100, according to the study.” 

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