Sean Hecht discusses alleged disinformation perpetuated by Exxon about the plastics industry

Publication: L.A. Times 

UCLA Expert: Sean Hecht: Co-Executive Director, Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment; Evan Frankel Professor of Policy and Practice, Co-Director, UCLA Law Environmental Law Clinic; Member, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability 

Synopsis: Hecht discussed a California AG investigation into the plastics industry and alleged disinformation relating to that industry, comparing it to cases about lead paint and climate change. 

UCLA News: Hecht mentioned a previous lawsuit that could potentially provide evidence of liability within the Exxon plastics case. The lawsuit led by Santa Clara County against former lead paint manufacturers, which was settled in 2019 after 20 years of litigation, “was seen as quite significant in establishing that there could be liability in a case like this,” according to Hecht. 

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