Kian Goh spoke on the future of public parks

Publication: The New Yorker 

UCLA Expert: Kian Goh: Associate Faculty Director, Institute on Inequality and Democracy; Assistant Professor, Urban Planning; Member, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability 

Synopsis: Goh was featured in a discussion on the decolonization of green spaces and the history of racism engraved in current public parks, where she provided insight on conquering these challenges. 

UCLA News: Goh used Olmsted as an example of the lineage of urban parks — but one for which students swiftly see the limits. “The idea that green space has a history of exclusion, even though the original ideals might have been different. They don’t think that the ideas of folks like Olmsted stand the test of racial and social-justice critique now. How do we decolonize ideas for public parks?” 

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