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Biking is the sustainable way to go for Bruin Juan Matute

bike week

The Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge’s TRACtion program partner Juan Matute, Deputy Director of the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies, has been pedaling to campus for the past 16 years from his days as an undergraduate student studying urban planning, through earning his MBA, to his present professional role. A resident of Santa Monica, his bike commute to UCLA is 4.7 miles and takes about 30 minutes. 


"Biking has benefited my life because I'm more in control of my time, not dealing with traffic, and I'm just happier, seeing the trees and not being stuck in a car," he said.


Juan’s two-wheeled ride is also beneficial for the environment. Bikes are far more sustainable than gasoline vehicles, and they take up little space for riding and parking, allowing for more green spaces. Even commuting by bike only a few times a week can have an impact, reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

Read more about Matute’s experience at UCLA Transportation.

Image Source: UCLA Transportation