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Daniel Swain says flows on many Sierra rivers will double or triple as temperatures rise

Publication: L.A. Times

UCLA Expert: Daniel Swain: Assistant Researcher and Climate Specialist, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Synopsis: Flooding from this year's winter storms, which left record snowfall in the California mountains and later excess water from the melting, has deluged Tulare and Kings counties, leaving streets and properties under several feet of water.

UCLA News: “Flows on many rivers draining the Central/Southern Sierra will double or triple (with locally greater increases) as temperatures rise,” Swain tweeted. “Some rivers will exceed flood stage, [and] Tulare Basin flooding will worsen. Something like 95% of the water that was up there a month ago is still there [in the Sierra Nevada], and still waiting to come downstream. So, as significant as the flooding is right now, it's likely to get considerably worse in the weeks to come before it abates.”

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