Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Staff

The Sustainable LA Grand Challenge staff specializing in Research Development, Strategic Relations and Communications create opportunities to bring together UCLA faculty and researchers and external stakeholders to co-develop research agendas, design interventions and yield effective, accelerated knowledge translation with meaningful societal impacts in urban sustainability.

Eric Hoek

Eric Hoek

Faculty Director


Cassie Rauser

Cassie Rauser

Executive Director




Jennifer Craer Headshot

Jennifer Craer

Assistant Director, Research Development


Jonathan Van Dyke Headshot

Jonathan Van Dyke

Communications and Public Relations Manager

Rebecca Shipe

Rebecca Shipe

Instructor, Undergraduate Research Scholars Program



Sophie Katz Headshot

Sophie Katz

Proposal Development Manager


Vincent Ta Headshot

Vincent Ta

Information Analyst

Adjovi Koene

Adjovi Koene

Program Administrator



Sharon Chang Headshot

Sharon Chang

Director of Development


Scott Hassler Headshot

Scott Hassler

Foundation Relations and Corporate Philanthropy Liaison


Rachel Scott Foster

Rachel Scott Foster

Associate Director of Development



Yvonne Eadon Headshot

Yvonne Eadon

Information Analyst


Jane Lee Headshot

Jane Lee

Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Research Scholars Program



Caroline Cheng Headshot

Caroline Cheng

Digital Communications Assistant


Yua Watanabe Headshot

Yua Watanabe

Graphic Designer

Jo Tarczynski Headshot

Jo Tarczynski

Data Management Assistant